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    Why May You Need Power Flush London Services?

    reduce efficiency

    Over time dirt, sludge, limescale, and rust accumulate within your central heating systems. These cause clogs, with cause leaks, and blocked pipes, and your heating system cannot work efficiently, and that's the moment when you need power flush London service

    Cold spots on your radiators

    The accumulation of the sludge and other substances in the pipes causes cold spots that heat can’t pass through and stop the radiators from working effectively and heating the house. Power Flush can solve this problem and increase the efficiency of your radiators

    Boiler breakdowns

    If the dirty water and clogs get into the boiler and pump they will reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole heating system and can cause boiler breakdown

    How Does A Power Flush London Service Work?

    Before a Powerflush

    Clogs in the radiators caused by the accumulation of sludge, rust, and limescale create cold spots through which heat cannot pass. This reduces the efficiency of your heating system

    During a Powerflush

    A pump is attached to the heating system and used to circulate a powerful combination of cleaning chemicals that will remove the sludge and other contaminants in the dirty water. Clean water replaces the dirty water

    After a Powerflush

    Once all the dirty water contaminants and sludge have been flushed out, clean water will circulate around your heating system allowing the radiators to function efficiently and effectively

    our services

    power flush

    Removal of sludge, scale and iron oxide buildup from the pipes and boiler

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    boiler installation

    Fitting of a new connection, pressure valves, boilers and a thermostat unit

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    boiler repair

    Repairing heat issues, knocking, whistling and other operational problems.

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    advantages of power flush

    More Effective, Hotter Radiators With A Power flush

    If your radiators are taking a long time to warm up and not getting very hot, this indicates that there may be a blockage within your heating system. With a central heating power flush London, any blockages will be flushed away, making your radiators more effective and hotter in a quicker time.

    Powerflushing London Improves The Lifespan of Your Central Heating System

    A power flush London service can return your central heating system back to its original efficiency from when it was first installed. It will improve your central heating’s lifespan and reduce the risks of expensive repairs in the future.

    Greater Heating Efficiency, Therefore Cheaper Energy Bills

    Central heating systems that have had a power flush London are significantly more energy efficient. After powerflushing your radiators need less energy to warm your home and so your energy bills will be significantly reduced, saving you money.

    Powerflushing Produces Long Lasting Results

    Central heating power flush London services need to be repeated around every 10 years, so you can enjoy more affordable, efficient and effective heating for many years to come. After your heating system has had a power flush London service, the difference will be amazing.

    Why Customers Love Us

    very efficient and competitive price

    Very efficient and competitive price. Installed new boiler same day.

    boiler replacement

    Very efficient and competitive price. Installed new boiler same day.

    efficient and hard working

    Very efficient and competitive price. Installed new boiler same day.

    needed a full replacement of my boiler

    Very efficient and competitive price. Installed new boiler same day.


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